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Positioning Dover NH Properties to Sell

content_home-for-sale-sign Pricing is directly related to the time frame for selling a home and whether it will sell at all. Pricing is particularly critical in a slow market or when there are an abundance of listings on the market. Below is some advice on positioning Dover NH properties to sell.

Take Into Account the Dover NH Market

Each real estate market is different. When you hear facts on the news, those typically refer to national figures. Your particular city may be very different. A local real estate professional can provide a comparative market analysis on your property. This evaluates recent Dover NH sales of similar property and provides an anticipated price range in which your home may sell. This amount may vary based on the time of year and recent sales, so avoid referring to outdated information.

Remain Realistic

When viewing the Dover NH market analysis figures, remember that it is a range. Where your property falls in that range depends on other comparable properties and your target time frame. As a home owner, it is common to feel a sense of attachment to your home and to the work that you have put in. Unfortunately, not all home buyers will assign the same value to different features and amenities. Anticipate that you may not get back the full amount spent on upgrades. Furthermore, home values may be impacted by Dover NH foreclosed homes in the area, which are commonly sold at dramatic discounts and are still considered comparable properties. Market value is defined as the price that a potential buyer is willing to pay for a property at a given time. It may not necessarily be close to your expectations or resemble the original purchase price of the house.

Positioning Dover NH Properties To Sell

Positioning a property too high will lead to valuable time being lost. If the Dover NH market condition drops further during that time, the home will ultimately sell for even less than it would have if positioned accurately to begin with. Additionally, buyers tend to have a negative perception of houses with extended market times. This perception is difficult to overcome even if a home reduces in price at a later time. Pricing too high causes more harm than good.

Some Final Advice for Dover NH Sellers

If the current market value of your Dover NH home is dramatically different than your requirements, it may be better to monitor the market and wait for values to increase rather than overpricing and letting it grow stale for months or even years. If you must sell and must do so within a specific time frame, selecting a price appropriate for the real estate market and competitive with other properties will be crucial to achieving your goals. Time is money and the loss of valuable time can be more costly than you may expect.
About the author: This advice on Positioning Dover NH Properties To Sell was created by Dick Cook. Dick is a realtor with over thirty years experience working for customers in the Granite State. Specializing in Senior Real Estate Services, Dick covers the NH Seacoast & Lakes Regions, servicing the following communities and many others:
You can also find Dick online at, offering a wealth of information and resources for the NH Senior Community.

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